Amazing work from Harriet at the Invitational on the weekend!

Amazing work from Harriet at the Invitational on the weekend!

I don't think the Rambo theme song was talking about better fitness, optimal health and high performance, but either way, it is a long one.

There are many things that have to go right along the way, and many things you must do in order to ensure the best possible progress.

Turning up, consistently is a good start.  Not for a week, not for a month.  But months and months...... years.

Listening to and learning from the coaches helps.  They’re just bursting to spill their knowledge to you.

Eating right, getting plenty of sleep is a given I hope by now….

But without hard work it all falls flat.

Hard work is the constant.

If you turn up and only go through the motions, it’s better than nothing (and some days it can be a good thing), but don’t expect progress to continue unchecked.

Also, don't take this as 'no pain, no gain' advice.  Of course there are some days that are more practice oriented, but you can still work hard on your focus, your mindset, your efficiency of movement etc.

This week is a retest to check the progress of the last 3months.  Then after a regular training week, we’ll be starting a new training cycle.  A great time to review your goal on the community board, and perhaps set a lofty new one?  And then with our help, let’s get after it.

Darren Ellis