"we need grains for energy/fibre"

"red meat is bad for you"

"paleo doesn't work for me"

Just a few of the nutrition related comments I have heard recently.

Scroll through any Facebook post about food and you'll see an argument brewing within the first half dozen comments.  And that's just from the armchair nutritionists, let alone once the qualified ones chime in......

I know it's too much to wish we could all just get along, too many experts and gurus are tied up in protecting their businesses, books and scientific theories; having rules and disagreeing with other ideas can be an important part of creating a brand unfortunately.

HOWEVER, it would take all but the craziest gurus to dispute a few simple facts about food, and it just so happens that these facts are the ones that will give you the most return on investment.

  • cutting right down on sugar is good

  • eating lots of fresh, seasonal veggies is good

  • it's important to eat moderate amounts of good quality protein daily

  • consumption of natural, unprocessed sources of fat is crucial for optimal health.

If we simply followed those four bulletpoints, you'd be doing better than almost everyone who follows a strict plan, counts calories, starves themselves, carb backloads, eats gluten free only, or is fixated on some sort of dietary dogma......

So why is it so hard, if it's supposed to be so simple?!?!?

Fifth bulletpoint

  • find a knowledgeable and supportive coach to hold you accountable!

Exercise is easy.  Yes even CrossFit.  Just turn up to the gym 3-5 times per week, listen, learn, do the work, and you're sorted.

Nutrition is every single day, 3-5 times a DAY.  Then add in the hours of worrying if you're doing it right, planning meals, cooking meals, trying to avoid  the cake culture at work, and it's a damn full time job...  And trying to do it all at once simply doesn't work.

When you have someone to drip feed you the right info at the right time, help you build lasting habits so that you don't have to rely on willpower (because it doesn't matter who you are, that never works long term), and most importantly, has got your back, it's a whole lot easier.

If you feel like you know a lot about nutrition, but can't seem to put it into practice; or maybe you don't know the first thing, but are keen to start the right way, let's talk more.

Darren Ellis