So great to see so many 9'ers over at CFNZ's birthday!!

So great to see so many 9'ers over at CFNZ's birthday!!

Black Swan is a term coined by Nassim Taleb; used to describe an event that causes a major impact, but comes as a total surprise, however afterwards, with the benefit of hindsight, it is often rationalised as being quite expected.

Sounds a bit like CrossFit....

For some reason, when we start training at a place like CrossFit NZ, it's a huge surprise to make significant progress with our fitness, with a major effect on everything we do.  This astonishment is likely due to the fact that previous efforts, and other fitness methods had resulted in failure.  Many in the CrossFit world (myself included) have a story of complete disdain/misunderstanding/disbelief/unawareness of the depth and effect of training this way, when first exposed to it.

But is it really a surprise that functional movements with full range of motion, consistent progression and variation, being held to high standards, and decent levels of intensity make such a huge difference??

Looking back, it seems so obvious.....

Darren Ellis