It's great to see all the Crossover Symmetry stations full up before class these days, squat flows, lunges and bridges going on etc.  But I'm still seeing a few people asleep on foam rollers....

Well, when I say asleep, I mean not moving very dynamically, which is important to prep the body for strength and conditioning work.  Instead, they are sprawled over the foam roller, and kind of wiggling away,  not really all that focused on an outcome.....

Now if you have just worked through a tough workout, a gentle foam roll is just the ticket.

The big no no is when this is happening BEFORE your workout.

Getting to the gym 10-15mins before class is highly recommended, to move through a pre-warmup before you jump in a class and hit those drills and skills....... NOT practicing your muscle up - your body will love you for it, and you just might see your performance go through the roof in class. Start with the usual bike/row and Crossover Symmetry (those are an essential), then get into a dynamic warmup, like the one in the video below. You have learnt heaps of other cool moves from us, but feel free to throw in your favourites - animal crawls, perfect stretches, wall slides, wall squats, divebombers, cossack squats, and broomstick drills.

You all know we're on a big groundwork/flow buzz.....  😉 Not only is it a great way to get warmed up, but it builds coordination (which I lack), body awareness, and fantastic relative strength (ie the ability to move your own body around in awkward positions).  The perfect stretch (from our lunge flow) is a nice basic version of this, as is the sun salutation for those who have a yoga background.

We're going to continue to explore this mobility stuff (given that it's Mobility May), in the next part of this series, we'll talk about some other mobility drills you can do.

We'll also review the foam roller and cover better ways to utilise it than just lying on it.... 

Darren Ellis