Remember Aesop?  He of Aesop's Fables?

Fantastic little tales about animals who acted like humans, holding life lessons and examples of good morals within their stories.

Do you know the one about the goat who wanted both sweet skills and amazing mobility?

Seems this goat was a fairly decent CrossFitter, but was a little tight in the shoulders and ankles, as well as finding it tough to get his head around the muscle up.  Sure he knew that genetics had something to do with it, not even having ankles was a problem, and cloven hooves were a real hassle for maintaining false grip.......... but at the same time, he was convinced that if he just tried really really hard, he was going to get #swoleandflexy, with some major ring skills one day.

But his friend the sheep suggested that while working on lots of different things is classic CrossFit, and very much the standard daily approach, he should also spend a month focusing on just one of his major weaknesses - his muscle ups, or his mobility; in order to see some definite progress. " Sometimes chasing too many goals can work against you", said the sheep.

"But what if I try really really REALLY hard", said the goat.  And try he did.

Unfortunately for the goat, before he realised it, he was also trying to up his back squat, speed up his burpees and wallballs, and dial in his Olympic lifting.....  and time passed.........

...... and time passed......

.....and the goat didn't get his muscle up....

......and his non existent ankles were still tight in the bottom of a squat.....

Eventually the goat realised that in wanting two goals, he had attained neither of them.

And this is why today in CrossFit, the things we want to improve are known as 'goats'

Disclaimer: This fable, unlike all of Aesop's other tales, is not true.  It's also not really much of a fable.....  However, it hopefully serves as a good reminder, that, although it is completely normal and expected to make progress in many aspects of fitness at the same time, there is also benefit to working a little harder on just one thing, especially if it's a stubborn skill or movement.

You may have noticed we have pulled back on some of the focused skill work this month.  The reason for that, is because it's May Mobility - MOBILITY is our focus this month.  We have been hitting mobility work during the warmup, during the strength work, and after class in order to get some definitive progress, and show you how effective frequent work on our connective tissues and range of motion can be.

If you've been avoiding the mobility work, then you're missing out on improving that, AND your skills....  basically the opposite of the goat......but with the exact same result (or lack of...).

One week left in the month, let's focus our efforts, and hit that mobility hard.

Likewise, you could spend a month doing extra work on your handstand pushups, or your handstand balance even (I tripled my handbalance time in less than 4 weeks with a couple of extra days per week of practice).  Pick one thing, improve it, and pick another.

And next month it's June Gymnastics.....

Darren Ellis