CFNZ's last team trip to Regionals in 2013

CFNZ's last team trip to Regionals in 2013

The Games have come a heck of a long way since their 2007 start.  There were almost more competitors than spectators that year, and it was hosted on the farm of an HQ staff members parents.

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Now, 7 years later, and we have the massive spectacle that is the Games at the StubHub Centre in Los Angeles, and rumour has it the search is on for  an even BIGGER venue for 2017.

These days, dreams of going to the Games, are out of reach for all but the most elite competitors, and now, the Regionals are almost like the new Games.  Just like the Games in 2007/2008, you could compete in the Regionals in 2009 just by signing up.

We've sent multiple individuals and teams to the Regionals from CFNZ since then, always a fantastic adventure, usually dragging a good handful of supporters along for the ride too.   Qualification has become tougher and tougher every year of course, and 2013 was our last team appearance (who knows what the future may hold however.....)

With the growth of the sport, and now in 2016, just 20 men, women and teams qualify for our Pacific region by way of The Open online competition.


Reebok CrossFit 09 is sending a female representative along this year, Joelene Neville, competing for a very impressive 4th year in a row!  We wish her, and all the rest of the (pretty darn large) New Zealand contingent the very best this weekend.  Check out to watch online streaming live action Friday - Sunday.

Darren Ellis