....if I take my warmup seriously that is...

Back in the day, the above tshirt and slogan were a popular choice for us early adopter CrossFitters, so excited to have discovered such an effective training program, that we got a little arrogant about it....... please forgive us.... 

These days, however, I'm noticing that this boast would be tougher to make for many.

Missing half of the warmup.

Holding back during the warmup, so as to have more energy for the workout.

 That sometimes is manifested further into saving yourself for the metcon (but thats another story)

Yes of course, if our drills and skills are too much for you, SCALE it!  The warmup scales down just like the rest of the workout.  For example, we might perform up to 50 squats during our prep work, which can be enough to leave someone who is brand new to this, unable to sit down on the toilet for a few days....    So do 35 squats.  Do 20 squats.  What ever it takes to get you ready to train, but understand, that just like the aim is to add kilos to the squat bar over time, so it is the aim to improve your ability to deal with shuttle runs, inchworms, bear crawls, wall squats and kettlebell swings.

Over time, you will adapt.  And even though the warmup is for precisely that, to warm you up, and ready you for the workout, along with some bonus skill development; it's also slowly building more capacity.

And while it's NOT always about how much work you do in a training session, in general, more work equals more results.

  For those of you who still find it hard to wrap your head around a 6minute metcon,  why not try to perform more and more warmup during the warmup?   Just like you try to lift heavier and heavier weight during our strength training.

Perhaps we'll do a reprint of those tshirts one day soon... ?

Darren Ellis