The 2016 CrossFit Games season kicks off this afternoon, with the announcement of the first Open workout 16.1.  The majority of our members who have entered will be performing the workout in regular classes on Saturday and the rest of you can also have a crack at it!!  No pressure though, there is also a scaled option if you'd just like a little taste, and we’ll also have an alternative workout posted.

All our Saturday morning classes are available to get the workout done, you just need to make sure you’ve got someone to judge you.  If you can’t make Saturday, same goes, just find someone to judge you and you can get it done any other time.  The CrossFit Judges course is only a requirement for judging athletes attempting qualification for Regionals or Masters Quals, BUT it's 10 bucks well spent to get some experience evaluating movement, which in turn can only help your OWN movement, so if you have a spare 30mins, you should check it out....

For those who can't make Saturday classes, we can make it work, Friday afternoon,  right up to Tuesday 930am class, and it needs submitting by about lunchtime that day.  As long as you can arrange a judge (again, they don't need to be a registered judge unless you are chasing the next stage), and we can find you space around the classes (which take priority), you can get it done any time during the Fri-Tue window.

For those on the fence, you can sign up anytime until Tuesday next week.   For those who HAVE signed up, but are wondering what the heck they got themselves into, talk to a coach!!  We can help you with everything from logging in to your athlete profile to warmup ideas, to pacing strategy to talking you down off the ledge if there's a movement you don't think you can do!

Darren Ellis