Always nice to hear from someone that they are loving the workouts lately.

But it’s rare that I’ve done anything different.  Sure, I’m constantly working to improve it, tinkering, tweaking, speaking to some of the finest coaching minds on the planet, experimenting, failing, learning….

But no matter the exact content, the principles are still the same – variance, gymnastic skill practice, a bit of a strength bias, short circuits and high intensity intervals, with an over-riding emphasis on movement quality.

So, if you’re loving the programming lately, it could be just that the gods of variance have smiled down upon your favourite exercises, rep schemes and time domains.

But if those same gods withdraw their favour next week, what then?  There’s no denying that some workouts are almost FUN when the combinations are just right, you're working hard and you are in the zone, but when it’s everything you hate (well, we know you don’t HATE anything, or if you do, that’s a burpee right….), how do you deal with it?

I would wager that the workouts that look the least interesting to you, are the ones that will be the most productive, and offer the greatest results.    I forget how it goes exactly, but I remember reading something by Dan John, a renowned strength coach, who said that most days in the gym are simply turning up and getting it done.  But we have to deal with those days, in order to have the truly good ones.

Now, I’d like to think that we have a lot of good days here at CFNZ.  But have no doubt, there will still be some less fun days from time to time.

Love those days too, and watch your progress skyrocket.

Darren Ellis