No such thing right.

We all know how to make a million dollars.

Save every cent for years and slowly accumulate wealth, simple.

But many people wouldn't see anything close to a million worth of saveable income left after living expenses are subtracted, even after decades of sacrifice and socking every cent away.

Saving is good of course, but it often isn't enough if you want an above average return.

So you could try investing your money.

Some investments are riskier than others, but they also mean a chance of a bigger return vs lower risk investment or plain old bank interest.

Same as fitness.

Brisk walking, and the occasional core class is better than nothing, but you're not going to realise a high level of fitness, no matter how many years you spend at it.

Or you could try strength training, conditioning work, and bodyweight calisthenics.

Yes, this is more 'risky' than going for a walk.

But if you think you can find an investment/fitness scheme that has ZERO risk of losing money or causing injury, sign me up.

Darren Ellis