Are you saying I need to rest?  I'm only just hitting my straps here!

A deload is an important part of our training cycles.  Typically we run blocks of about 8-10 weeks of training, where you are encouraged to increase loads lifted, reps performed and intensity every week.  Obviously this can only go on for so long before you lose momentum and start to plateau.   A back off week is a simple way to refresh body and mind for another upwards progress push.

It's all too common for some of you to feel that either you're not ready to take a break, or that you will go backwards if you take it easy for a week.

As much as I could write paragraphs explaining why a backwards slide won't happen, I'm going to appeal to common sense here instead.

If you're playing the long game (which you should be), and setting goals for short, medium and long term, a week is nothing within that time line.

Thanks to decades of brain washing from companies pedalling ineffective fitness methodologies and gadgets, it's all too easy to think that one easy day means a squandered chance to burn fat, build muscle and improve fitness.

Instead, use this week to devote more energy to technique practice, midline/shoulder/posterior chain finishers and mobility.  You can still push hard, we've just brought the overall volume down.  So the key is not to go searching for a bunch of extra work this week.

We're restesting a few lifts and metcons next week, so you want to be fresh and ready to get after it!

And hey, thanks to Girl Friday,  this week is actually going to be a half deload, the benchmark, Diane is on Friday!

Darren Ellis