Finishing up another cycle of training, and retesting some strength, power and conditioning pieces.

Make sure you dig out your previous scores so you have something to chase, and PR's to be excited about!

It's worth trying to get to the gym a little earlier, to make sure you are optimally warmed up and prepared to give your best effort.

Following this week, we'll have a standard week of training before setting some benchmarks for our next cycle.

Also, this next cycle is tying in with the start of our annual Spring Challenge!

A chance to acknowledge the changing season, with a reset of nutrition habits, some inspiring goals, focused training and the motivation of a team, tapping into the vast knowledge and resources we have available to you.

This time, it's going to be a bit more intimate, you'll be working in partners rather than teams.  So feel free to grab a buddy now!

More details coming this week.  Watch your inboxes.

Darren Ellis