Did you know that Dan Carter had goalposts set up in his backyard as a kid?

He spent most of his spare time out there slotting conversions from the sidelines.

One reason why he has been so successful maybe?

Practice practice practice.

Fritha and Pete's outdoor gym is pretty sweet, I hear theirBBQ's end up as pullup challenges.....

Not saying you should get a barbell set and pullup rig for the garage (Although some of our members have pretty sweet set ups at home...)

But if you are at the gym for 15-30mins before or after class, it's the perfect time to work on skill based movement.  It also serves as a good warmup too.

Remember, break it down, particularly the more technical moves, you don't have to always be doing the tricky stuff. Work on the kipping swing rather than chest to bar butterflys.  Work on scapula circles, strict TTB, monkey hangs and hollow rocks first too.  For muscle ups you can work the false grip, the swing, the transition, the ring dip, lockout and archer pullup.

Darren Ellis