There are many things that differentiate CrossFit programming from other forms of training.

The emphasis on functional movements.

The virtuosity that is encouraged and respected of those movements.

The high intensity those movements are executed with.

The importance of expert coaching.

The support, motivation and general awesomeness of the community.

And a lot of strength training.

Strength is often left out of what might otherwise be a fairly well rounded program because;

- its more technical/difficult to teach vs bodyweight movements.

- it's not perceived to be as valuable as more conditioning/cardio based work (especially when weight loss is the primary goal)

- it often doesn't feel like you've actually worked that hard, especially compared to a brutal metcon.

- it's often not thought to be as 'fun' as conditioning circuits and intervals.

I see a lot of fitness facilites opening up lately, where the emphasis is on the high energy, 'fun' circuits, even to the point of getting a DJ in to keep you grooving away through your workout....

But strength is the fitness quality that all other qualities are derived from - power, agility, speed, endurance and others.  As our body has so many different energy systems, and as there are so many things that can be improved and developed, sometimes we have to do the slower, more methodical work if we want well rounded fitness and the best results possible.

As was so eloquently put in a book I read recently, Welcome To The Box, "strength and skill work is broccoli, conditioning is dessert."

You got to eat your broccoli before you can eat dessert!!

Darren Ellis