Intensity.. The secret of CrossFit

Here at RCF09 we take your safety and well being as our number one priority.

When you start with us we advise you to take it slow, work on technique, aspire to practise perfect form, take it easy while your body adjusts to this hugely functional form of exercise.. Intensity always comes last in the equation.  Too many people rush this process, it’s never a smart thing.

But………now for some of you it IS time to start thinking about intensity, especially if you are feeling that dreaded plateau coming on.

I would like to remind you again, that intensity NEVER comes before form (poor form = injury = rehab = frustration!), but that intensity is an important part of CrossFit, it is what stands us apart from an hour long aerobics class (and why people often do two of them back to back), it is why a 6min WOD can leave you barely able to stand.

Intensity is also the easiest thing to give up on, it is the hardest concept for our minds to work with, it is the pushing past discomfort, your body screaming at you to stop. Intensity takes a lot of will power, it takes a lot of commitment.

Intensity will give you results and if you are becoming less and less satisfied with your results, then this is probably what your missing.

Here are a few good ways of tricking yourself out of intensity complacency… And welcoming back incredible results.

- spend the last 60 seconds of every metcon pushing at 100% – it’s ‘only’ 60seconds and the best part is you get to REST after those 60seconds, let’s push as hard as we possibly can, leave everything on the floor in that final minute.

- intervals – metcons that have rest periods in them are INCREDIBLE for intensity. The most important part is to not think ahead too much, do not allow your head to trick you into thinking it is going to feel the same as doing 5 rounds in a row. Push as hard as you can from round one, the work rest ratio will do the rest.

- pick one movement within the metcon and promise yourself you are going to do all the reps unbroken. It works well for every type of metcon. Wall balls are a classic, the anticipation of this exercise often overrides what you can actually achieve.

- don’t allow your day to dictate your intensity.  Coming from a stressful 10 hour day career, I can personally relate to how easy ‘my day was hell so I’m going to take this workout easy’ became. The truth was that after a while this excuse was a little too regular. Don’t let your day dictate how you workout, give those few minutes of training all of your attention, you are here because you know how awesome you will feel after, don’t sabotage that.

And last but not least

- don’t sandbag the strength portion in fear of not having enough for the metcon! I had these same thoughts when I started CrossFit. YOU WILL HAVE ENOUGH FOR THE METCON, how about giving yourself the challenge of testing it out?

We have the most incredible community here at RCF09. Use them to help you push harder, a little friendly competition never goes astray and deciding to chase that person down who is always just in front of you, will do incredible things for your fitness.

- Coach Krista

Darren Ellis