t's Thursday and that means we're throwing back.  As Nick Jones has recently relocated out west and is training a lot with the 09 crew, I wanted to introduce him there, and hey it's a good time to make sure all the CFNZ team know him too.

Nick has quickly become a fixture around here, starting off with a great showing in The 2014 Open upon his arrival, then rapidly becoming a strong member of the community, and he's now stretching his learning in our Coach Development Program.

CrossFit NZ recently celebrated it’s 7th birthday!  How long
has it been since you have been CrossFitting?

I guess that I started ‘Crossfitting’ around November 2012 with my younger brother,
Matt, and the awesome community at Innerfight, Dubai.

 What brought you through the big roller door of CFNZ for the first time……..?
My bro Matt is a bit of a CFNZ OG and is a CrossFit coach. He joined

me when Katrine and I lived in Dubai and would often talk about how much he loved
his time at CFNZ before leaving NZ for life abroad.  Matt encouraged
me to visit CFNZ while I was back in Auckland for a brief holiday in
April 2013. I was pretty nervous, but keen to get amongst it. I
‘dropped in’ for the 4pm class and loved the facility, the people I
met, the vibe and the focus on good movement (skills were rope climbs
and HS walks, strength was back squats, the WOD was a 7 min AMRAP; 12
KB swings (24/16), 12 HRPU and 12 TTB). I returned again to NZ in late February 2014 and joined my first class 12 hours after touching down from the 19
hour flight from Dubai!

I can remember my first CF workout as if it was yesterday….what was
your first that you can remember, and why?

Remarkably, my first Crossfit WOD was a Hero workout done as a partner
workout with my brother – ‘The Seven’. I went in full bore, shirt off,
chalked up hands, head-band, pumped up as anything and ended up pretty
quickly scaling the weights and the movements so that we could finish
within an hour! I ended up lying on my back for a while afterwards,
strangely thinking what an awesome experience that was! It is now my
favourite workout and holds a lot of significance for me.

  Besides being a true blue, barbell hoisting, burpee crushing WOD
demon, what do you do when you’re not at the gym?

I currently have two quite full-on jobs. I’m a disputes

lawyer at a law firm called Meredith Connell in the CBD.

On top of that I’m a Captain in the NZ Army Reserve Force. I’m honoured to be the Officer-in-Command of Auckland North Coy, 3/6 Bn (120 soldiers).

I’m also an intern in CFNZ / 09’s Coach Development Programme. I have started covering the odd class or fundamentals session at ’09.

In my spare time, I watch, think and talk (a lot) of rugby and cricket, go trekking around NZ with Katrine, travel,
read all sorts of books, cook, spend time laughing with my mates over
a beer or two, follow Game of Thrones, and sleep (as much as
possible). Time with my family is really important to me.

 Everyone has pre-WOD rituals, I double knot my shoe laces, and my
pants!…….doesn’t always work.  What are the little funnies that you

Kinda weird but when it’s game time, I like to go and splash water on my
face.  Also, a bit weird but I like to chew gum
while warming up.

Apparently my music choices are below average….. What bad,banging,
beats do you like when you’re throwing down?

Generally slap on Pearl Jam, RHCP or Shihad and I’ll be happy!

I actually totally back my own “crossfit playlists”, not many people have heard them but when I bust them out I have noticed that the comments are pretty complimentary!

The times, they are a changing. … What have you noticed in yourself
since you started your CrossFitting journey to awesomeness?

I’m way more confident about pursuing what I want to get out of my life, and
doing so in a way which prioritises my health and well-being. I’m stronger, fitter and more rounded as an
athlete than I’ve ever been before. I have a better appreciation of
what it means to be fit, strong and to move well.

Do you have a workout bro or brodette that you’d like to send a shout
out to? A small amount of hero worship is permitted.

Definitely my brother, Matt, and my first Crossfit coach, Marcus Smith

at Innerfight, Dubai. Both in their own way got me going on my
Crossfit journey.
My bad arse wife, Katrine. My favourite work-out buddy for sure.
 In your ongoing journey  to CrossFitting superstardom what do you
want to have achieved 12 months from now?

To continue to develop towards becoming a coach and to have helped people in our community on their own Crossfit journey.

To be a better and more efficient mover across the board.  To be as well-rounded as possible as an athlete.

 World fashion is a cut throat and fickle business.  Is it ok for guys
to just wear tights when working out or is it a crime against humanity?

I’ve gone full-circle on this one and the answer is no, it’s not ok.
 Do beards give the grower unfair superpowers during workouts?

Absolutely. Unless it’s itchy then I can see it being a disadvantage.

Hmmmm, imagine being able to move and have senses like Legolas from
What SINGLE (not combined, not….hey I’m Superman and have all of
them) superpower would you want?

Lord of the Rings…

  21-15-9 are numbers that mean different things to different
CrossFitters. What do they mean to you?

“Come on, mate!”  (Editors note:  This is Nicks go to self talk phrase, he's very hard on himself during a metcon....)
 In 3 words, describe why you CrossFit.

Because Normal’s Boring.

Darren Ellis