....strength, that is.

Strength is not only the fitness component that many other fitness components are derived from (eg. you need strength in order to produce power, speed, agility, and it comes in handy for stamina too), but it’s also the component that is usually most lacking amongst the general population.

Endurance based activities are the go to for most people when embarking on a fitness regime, and while it's much better than nothing at all, if not balanced with some sort of resistance training, it's still a very incomplete method.

Most elderly people who suffer bad falls or are confined to retirement homes, are in that situation because of a lack of strength, not aerobic capacity.

Unfortunately strength takes a long time to develop.  You really need to work at it to gain appreciable levels of strength.

Or we can look at it another way.  How cool is it that it’s a long long journey before you come even close to maxing out your strength, you get one heck of a fun PR ride, if you choose to get on the strength train.  And rather than getting stuck running every day, you have your pick of challenging and exciting movements such as squats, deadlifts, presses, rows, jerks, cleans and snatches, ensuring a motivating and enjoyable workout everytime, as well as constant improvement.

We certainly believe in broad, general, inclusive fitness capabilities, but we're proud to say we're fairly strength biased.

Darren Ellis