Competing is a big part of CrossFit, both within the workouts themselves and in weekend events.    Back in 2008 when I started CrossFit NZ, almost every other affiliate owner competed at CrossFit at a high level.  I still talk to people who want to open their own, but are concerned they aren’t a good enough athlete yet......??

I love competing in CrossFit, I’ve been involved in every Regionals since they started (nowadays as a coach), competed at the Games in the 2010 team and the Masters this year.  But I’m the first to say that you don’t need to compete in CrossFit events to be successful with your fitness, or to be a card carrying member of this community.  And you certainly don't need to be a Games athlete to open and run a successful affiliate…..

CrossFit comps just happen to be something that you can do with your fitness.   But let's not forget all the other awesome events out there in our amazing country – trail runs, mountain bikes, ocean swims, paddleboard racing, river kayaks,rock climbing, orienteering and more.

But even if actual sporting competition is not your thing, you should consider competing in SOMETHING.

Compete for the zombie apocalypse.  The same reason many people train in the martial arts (to be ready for that tiny possibility they may need to defend themselves or the ones they love), being physically fitter than 99% of the population stands you in good stead for the slim chance we may face the end of days……

Compete to look good for your school reunion. (show the popular kids a thing or two…)

Compete for your 40th birthday (I plan on being in better shape next year at 40 than I was at 20!)

Compete to play with your grand-kids long after they expect you to.  These days old people probably lose their cool factor quicker than ever with the young generation, but maybe if you can still run rings around them, you’ll hold on for longer……

Compete for the hiking trip to Machu Pichu (if you’re fit as heck, then you can relax and just enjoy the scenery, rather than worrying about a donkey running off with your belongings….)

Set a goal, a deadline, make a deal with yourself, and then train for it!

Darren Ellis