So it's finally here.

Two years ago, I decided to make a push to qualify for the masters competition at The CrossFit Games.  I knew it was going to take two years of work to be fit enough to have a shot (plus I also knew it was going to take two years to turn 40..... 

But despite being fitter at 40 than I was at 30, despite setting PR's on a monthly basis, and despite the support of a great team of people from coaches, physical therapists, members (and Krista); I still get worried about competition.  Nervous about underperforming, pacing or strategising poorly, scared of a workout or movement that is too tough/heavy for me.

My sister Kylie just competed in her very first CrossFit comp down in Mount Maunganui on the weekend.  She was pretty darn nervous, but couldn't believe that I still felt the same.  It might seem strange given I've been competing for so many years, but it's actually part of the reason I still compete.

To deal with irrational fears and grow stronger as a result of overcoming them.

No one cares if you trip, drop the weight, are unable to finish, or come dead last.  Sure, YOU might...... But it's how you deal with that situation that matters.

When you are lining up and waiting for 3-2-1-GO, heart jack hammering, and mouth feeling like it's full of cotton wool, you might wonder why you do it.  But afterwards, you know why....

Don't let the Games (or any competition or ANY challenge in your life) make you weak.  Let it make you stronger.

PS: Kylie came second to last, LOVED IT, and can't wait for the next one. Proud of you sis.

Darren Ellis