Writing something original (and hopefully useful) on this blog every week day has long been a goal of mine.  I’ve started and then stopped many times throughout the years, but last year I managed to get on a pretty good run.  (This year has also been pretty good, but I've had the luxury of recycling or updating a few of my better posts as well)

It wasn’t anything special, I didn’t take a course in creative writing, or pay someone in the Ukraine to ghost write for me.

Rather, I just wrote a short simple paragraph on a simple topic the first day.  Then a little more.  Then a little more.  Then tackled some more complex topics, and so on and so on.  If I got writers block, I read others writing until something stirred, and then wrote about that.  If I only had a couple of lines, that was ok, if I had a couple of pages, great, the 7 people who read this blog would be stoked that day….!

I was reading an article a couple of days ago that talked about why some people can achieve the health and fitness goals they set and others can’t/don’t.

Interviews with groups of people who had lost a lot of weight, seemed to indicate that it was nothing earth shattering, rather, they simply decided they were going to make a start, and then stuck to it one step at a time…..literally, they just walked to the end of their street the first day, then around the block, then added some veggies to their dinner plate, then walked 3 blocks, then jogged some of it, cut down on alcohol on Thursdays, then Fridays, then Saturdays, then joined a gym and so on, until ‘magically’, they were in great shape.

Interviews with people who ‘couldn’t’ lose weight, reported they had no time, work was too stressful, no one could look after the kids, they had a niggly injury, they didn’t know how to exercise properly, healthy food was too expensive… you get the drift…..

But everyone can at least walk to the end of their street.  So just start with that, don’t push yourself to do everything all at once.  And by the time you get to running a block, you will probably have figured out solutions to your excuses too.

Darren Ellis