A great afternoon of competition on Saturday at CFNZ, thanks to Terry and Elaine from Head2Head Weightlifting.  Krista, Joelene and Nick threw their hats in the ring for a bit of fun.

A twist on the old fashioned, slow moving Olympic style competition, H2H allows multiple lifts within an 8 minute period, and is based on personal PR's; resulting in a faster paced, more exciting event, and most importantly, it allows athletes of any level to compete side by side.

Many of the lifters were fresh from a six week weightlifting specialty class, and so it was pretty awesome to see them under the spotlight, experiencing the pressure of competition.  They all performed admirably, PR's were raining down everywhere!

Keen to improve your lifting with a focused training block?  Drop us a line to register your interest for a 2016 intake.

Like the idea of friendly, supportive, SAFE competition?  Maybe you've never done one before? We're getting together with CFNZ and CF Quattro for a little throwdown on December 12 at CFNZ.  Keep an eye out for sign up details.

This is our final week of training before a couple of weeks of retesting - both strength and conditioning tests, here and there throughout the fortnight, not to mention a Girl Friday in there for good measure.  We'll be moving into December with a bang!!

Darren Ellis