With all the membership awards we've been giving out lately, it's made me think back to when these amazing members of our community first walked in through our doors.   All with different motivations and reasons for seeking us out.  All starting with varying levels of enthusiasm, confidence and fitness.

In the very first month, we deliberately keep somewhat of a damper on the fire of beginner progress, in order to ensure the correct learning of motor patterns and injury proofing.  But progress is still rapid, and becomes more so in the next 2-3 months.

Meanwhile they're starting to realise that there is a little more to this place and to this training than they first thought.  Whether it's the new friends made amongst our incredibly supportive community, or the real life, genuine, actual FUN they are having while working out; there is the sense that things are a little different here.

And then work gets busy, or a new member starts squatting more than you, the coach pulls you up on your poor range of motion for the third time that week, you get a bit of a niggle in that shoulder you dislocated 10 years ago, or you get beaten in a metcon by a GIRL!

This is when one of two things happen.

1. You quietly fade away, ignoring our emails and phone calls until your membership photo (bereft of the goals we encouraged you to write on it 3 months ago) is discarded.


2. You fight.

You juggle your schedule to make sure you can always fit a workout in.  You purposely seek out the strongest people to lift with, and be inspired by, to chase constant improvement.  You come in early to work on your mobility, and to rehab and strengthen that shoulder.  And you high five that person who beat you, girl or guy, because even though first is awesome, second is a great place to be in training - someone to chase and someone chasing you, a surefire way to get better.

I often see it in their eyes, it's like a mental switch has been thrown.  The realisation that this never gets easier.  If anything, it gets harder.  But all of a sudden, rather than wanting to quit, they are ok with it.  They welcome it.  And they are ready to get to work.

That moment is when they ACTUALLY started CrossFit.

Not sure how we'll give out awards for that......

Darren Ellis