As one of the first 200- odd affiliates in the world, I am lucky enough to be able to pick the brains of many of the other OG gym owners, and the best coaches in the business, continuing to learn, and to ensure our gym is benefiting.

This weekend I was chatting with (name drop alert!) Jami Tikkanen, coach to Annie Thorisdottir and many other people via his online program The Training Plan, exploring the concept of flow state.  I've talked about this before in a past blog post you can check out HERE.

So the theory goes, if the challenge of the physical task is set 4% above where your current skill level is at, you have the best chance of optimising flow state, aka your best possible performance.

Only 4%!!

The sport of fitness has evolved immensely over the past 5 years, and the average CrossFitting athlete along with it.   You only have to look back at the previous two weekends big competitions to see what I'm talking about.... some large loads being shifted at all levels.

But what that means for the rest of us, is we can often get fooled by the Rx label.  It now encompasses a broad range of weights, volume and technical ability.

So scaling is now even more important than ever.

And so it seems, is the resistance and reluctance and outright resentment to actually do so........

But you got to put things into perspective, and aim for that 4%.

Think about the version of the days workout that you could OWN, and then just aim a tiny wee smidge above that.

Any more than that, you're going to reduce the amount of improvement you can gain from that session.

Worse, you're gonna lose your flow.....

Try not to think about scaling workouts anymore, especially if you can't get past the idea that doing so is a bad thing.

Instead OPTIMISE your workout for the best possible flow state and result.

Darren Ellis