A great article from my main man Logan at Deuce Gym in LA last week, speaking fairly bluntly, but accurately about effective exercise.  Namely the difference between what some people 'like' to do, and what actually works.

It's great to go for long walks with the dog, and do tai chi, and play tennis, and practice pilates.  This stuff is all part of enjoying movement and life itself.   But at the end of the day, you still need broad, general and inclusive fitness if you want to thrive versus just survive.   Increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains can not be developed with locomotion and hobbies.

It's kind of the same with nutrition.

Sure we all 'like' chocolate, or bread, or red wine, or maple glazed, caramel center, deep fried doughnuts.

BUT we all know that there is a sweet spot somewhere that will enable you to avoid fat gain, and improve performance.

That sweet spot is a little different for everyone, but it lies firmly within the realm of real food, and common sense.  The problem is that, like those daily walks, we can kid ourselves that we are doing enough for good health.  When the results are proving that we're clearly not.....

As much as we like to eat like kids sometimes, we know that eating like adults is what will allow us to thrive.

But it's important that you find a way to enjoy the process.

Try to make better nutrition a process of adding better food to your life, rather than taking anything away.

Our Spring Challenge will kick off with a nutrition basics talk this Sunday at 4pm.

Some more opportunities for baselines this week.  Same as last week, don't feel you have to hit them all, just stick to your normal training schedule and we will retest in 8 weeks.

Darren Ellis