"Did you win?"

A far better question to ask (the student, the athlete, the salesperson, the programmer...) is, "what did you learn?"

Learning compounds. Usually more reliably than winning does.

- Seth Godin

I quoted this in yesterdays post.  One of my favourite sayings.  So applicable to our daily training.

After that initial learning of what to do in here, you experience an awesome burst of progress.

But a plateau is inevitable, no matter how good your training program and how dedicated you are.

This is where the hard work starts.

It's easy to beat yourself up about the lack of progress.  I see it in every class.  The 'head shake', that moment where you internally berate yourself for some perceived error or poor performance.  It doesn't help your mindset, it doesn't help you improve, and it doesn't help you have fun in here!

In your journey to fitness mastery you must understand that plateaus are a necessary part of progress.

The good news is that plateaus cannot exist without the occasional burst of progress again.

Keep your head up ( don't shake it anymore...) and do the work.   When things don't go your way, remember, you're learning, not losing.

Darren Ellis