Nice gasssy little number in Wednesdays workout.  Light, but high rep movements, performed fast and furious.
Which is exactly where we want to be. We had a nice tight grouping of times, ranging between 4mins and 6mins.

It doesn't matter how new you are to training, if you choose the right weights, scale the reps in order to ensure you can push through at a similar time to everyone else, even if they are much fitter than you.

The coach will always give an estimated range to complete the metcon, and a description of how it should feel (grindy, gassy, heavy etc), in order to help you create a strategy to get through it as well as possible.

It's easy to lump all conditioning work into the 'cardio' desscription.

But that leads down the road of 'the more, the better', our physiology reacts differently and adapts differently to different intensities, reps, sets, and time.

If you're consistently taking 20mins to do 10min workouts, you're missing out on so much fitness.

It's understandable to want to 'pull your own weight' and do what everyone else does, but; slow and steady, let's be honest, it's easy.

Everyone comes last once in a while (good for the ego too), but if you're last consistently, let's figure out a way to change that.

Darren Ellis