So you’ve got plans to make the 630pm class, and you’ve allowed an extra 30mins to spend doing Crossover Symmetry, inchworms and bridges, as it’s weightlifting today, and your shoulders need a little extra loving after 30-40 years of (insert benchpressing badly, playing rugby, working a desk job etc) in order to function well under load and range of motion.

……and then Auckland traffic does it’s thing…..

So now you’re walking in the door at 629pm.

No time for extras, coach is calling you up for the brief.  Oh well, at least you’ll get the movement drills.

But they’re only 10mins worth, and to be honest, a bit too advanced right now for how warm you aren’t…

It’s ok, as long as you do a few extra sets with the empty bar right?

Oh but your bar partners are on a mission to build to a PR lift today, and you can’t bring yourself to slow them down.

You see where this is going….?

I snatched today in training.  And that was ALL I did, because time was tight.

The original plan, was for strength work, a conditioning piece and some extra midline stuff on top of that, but because my shoulders were a little tight from yesterdays workout, and the ankles from the 300 double unders on Monday, what I did instead was extra warm up work, 10mins of dedicated shoulder and ankle mobility, and then multiple snatch drills with the empty bar, followed by a very gradual build to a working weight.

Did my fitness go backwards because I didn’t complete the entire session?

Doubtful.  I PR’d my Power Snatch, and I ensured that tomorrow I would be recovered and ready to train again, instead of tighter, more sore, and possibly injured.

When the day fate has dealt you, compromises your ability to train effectively, you are to be commended for making the effort, BUT, when faced with sub-optimal conditions, ensure that you first do no harm.  Any training you can do above and beyond that is a bonus.

Darren Ellis