Do what Rich Froning does

No, I don't mean do what he ACTUALLY does.  The guy trains all the freaking time.  Check out this 'Day at the office' video where he fits in about 7 workouts over a long day.

In his autobiography, he said that on his honeymoon, he was literally sneaking sets of kettlebell swings in the hotel room when his wife turned her back......

Do you REALLY want to do that?  Hey, if you could get paid for it, sure, maybe... but you're just training for life right?  Oh you want Rich's title?  Better quit your job and find a sponsor...... and even then, taking away the pressure of work, and getting 9 hours sleep a night doesn't guarantee you can handle the amount of training.

Rich can handle that massive training volume as he has been building that capacity since his high school baseball days, gradually adapting to more and more work.

More can often seem better.  And sometimes, it's actually easier.  Easier to throw in extra hours of low intensity 'filler' work that can give the impression of tough training, when you may have been better off dialling the hours back and pushing HARDER.

Even if it turns out that you have the capacity to tolerate and adapt to more than average, make an effort to choose the extra work wisely to ensure that the best possible training adaptation.  On the flip side, we have plenty of members who say that they feel and perform best, when they train just 2-3 times per week!!  If that's the case, why fight it?  If you love to move, add in some lower intensity extras, like mountain biking, yoga, swimming etc, to round out your week without exhausting your recovery reserves.

So it's not really WHAT he does. It's HOW he does.

Train how Rich does.

Smart, instinctive, progressive, and right for YOU.

Darren Ellis