I try to write pretty regularly on this site.  Some weeks are good, some not so.

At the end of last year, I set myself the goal of writing every weekday without fail.

As you might expect, it started off pretty hard work, and although there were ups and downs, and a few late nights frantic typing scenarios, I was probably about 95% compliant.

And then last month, I missed a day.  No particular reason.  And then I missed another.  I justified it this time, telling myself I was busy doing other important things, and that I would get back on top of it.  Then I missed another, and another.....

All of a sudden I hadn't posted anything worth reading in over two weeks.  And still I found reasons for it.  "it's the end of a training cycle, the blog could use a rest, same as the members..."  Jeez, what a stretch of an excuse....

People ask me all the time how I write blog posts so regularly and what I always told them, was it was just a matter of starting and then continuing.  Nothing else to it.  The more I did it, the easier it got.  But I've found that just like eating well, exercising regularly, preparing food in advance for the day at work; writing had momentum in both directions.  Every day I missed, it got easier to miss another.

How do you reverse it, if you're going in the wrong direction?


Start.  And then continue.

Nothing else to it....

What choice do you have.....?

Darren Ellis