Welcome to a new and exciting chapter of your life!  You have taken the first step to becoming fitter, stronger, more flexible and experiencing the greatest sense of health and wellbeing you could ever imagine!

BUT I have to get fit before coming to CrossFit!??

This is the most common misconception I hear on a daily basis!


If this was true then why would you bother coming to us?! You would already be fit right??

We are here to get you fit, strong, flexible and feeling good but most importantly you come to us to learn how to move safely and become bullet proof for YOUR everyday life.. so you can play your sport, pick up your kids, be empowered and feel awesome doing it all.

Don't bother attempting to hit the pavement before you come in, that will only leave you with sore knees and a tight back! We will ease you into it carefully, that's what we are here for!

Is CrossFit really for everyone?

It sure is!

The age of our members range from 5 years old to 72 years old!

As as you can probably imagine, what the 5 year old does in the CrossFit Kids class looks very different to the 30 year old and 72 year old in the Adults classes.

The only way to really know whether CrossFit is for you, is to try it.

We'd love to show you around our gym, explain to you what we are truly all about and let you experience what at CrossFit workout feels like, optimised to suit your current ability.  Email me at to sort out a day and time to give us a go. 

Alternatively CLICK HERE to book your free trial.

If you like it, and if you like us, then membership is just a simple month by month arrangement, save for an initial 3 month commitment.  We are very confident about our program, so we want you to give us the chance to work our magic on you.  And you get the chance to show your coaches that you are not afraid of some hard work.

Yes we even make the most of Halloween!! Superman won the most 'workout friendly' outfit!

Yes we even make the most of Halloween!! Superman won the most 'workout friendly' outfit!

How do I get started?

Before you can join the main classes you will be required to complete our induction program.

We do things a little differently here, our induction program consists of SIX one on one sessions.. extremely comprehensive and all focused on exactly what you need.

Each session is Personalised so you get the most out of your CrossFit journey.  These sessions will cover all of our fundamental movements, mobility assessments and plans of action, how we are going to achieve your goals and we will start talking about nutrition.   You will be getting fitter and stronger from day one. Once you have completed those 6 sessions we will review your progress and assess whether you are ready to join the main classes.

That is the one of the best parts about Reebok CrossFit 09! The coaching never ends! You have a team of the most experienced CrossFit coaches in the country!  We are here to make sure you get the most out of every minute you are here with us and most importantly KEEP YOU SAFE!


You have CrossFit Experience!  Email Krista to come in for a FREE TRIAL and we will go from there!

Darren Ellis